Massachusetts Grandparents’ Rights

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Although parents are typically the main figures in a child’s life, grandparents have a significant involvement in raising their grandchildren in many families. In the event of a divorce or child custody dispute, grandparents have rights to obtain visitation with their grandkids.

If you are interested in establishing visitation in a Massachusetts family law court, our experienced legal team at Saponaro Barach Bingham LLP can help you obtain such rights in order for you to have continued relationship with your grandchild. We can review your case and determine the best course of legal action to get the outcome you desire.

Eligibility for Grandparent Visitation Rights

In Massachusetts, a grandparent can request a court-ordered visitation if the child’s parents are divorced, separated but still married, were never married and not living together, or one or both parents are deceased.

Furthermore, grandparents and parents can reach a visitation agreement without stepping foot in a courtroom. However, if a parent objects to granting grandparent visitation rights, a grandparent can still get a court order to visit his/her grandchild.

The court can award grandparents some visitation if they are able to demonstrate all of the following:

  • It is in the child’s best interest for the grandparent to visit
  • The grandparent has a strong relationship with the grandchild prior to the visitation case
  • Without grandparent visitation, the grandchild’s health, safety, and welfare is in harm’s way

If a grandparent hasn’t established a relationship with the grandchild before the court hearing, it is possible to still obtain visitation. As long as the grandparent can show a risk of substantial harm without visitation.

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