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Sometimes the agreements you made upon your divorce become void due to changing circumstances. Both spousal support payments and child support payments can be revisited and modified to fit the new needs of your family. In many cases, even child custody arrangements can be re-negotiated and altered to suit the best interests of the children. In order for your new arrangement to be considered valid, you need to ensure it is approved. Now is the time to seek representation from our Wellesley family law attorney who is highly experienced in family law counsel.

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Circumstances that Warrant Arrangement Modifications

When you and your former spouse separated, the settlement was made based on your income, health, and other lifestyle requirements at the time. These circumstances are subject to change, and the law provides opportunities for a settlement revisit should your needs increase or decrease.

Reasons you may need to revisit the terms of your arrangement include:

  • Loss of job
  • Change in job
  • Increase in salary
  • Anticipated move of a parent
  • New disability in either parent
  • Decrease in salary
  • Accusations of neglect for custodial parent
  • Sudden medical emergency for a child
  • Criminal activity on the part of either parent
  • Tense relationship between parent and child

Proving Your Case with Aggressive Advocacy

Through aggressive advocacy, our Wellesley legal firm works quickly to facilitate your settlement modifications. We provide highly individualized service for each case, targeting the specifics of your changed circumstances to increase your chances of having your modifications approved. From the beginning of a modification case, we are preparing for trial, sending discovery, maintaining open lines of communication with our clients, and counseling you as our client in the best manner to achieve your goals. The best possible results are achievable through our knowledgeable, proactive counsel.

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