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If you and your spouse are willing to work together to negotiate the terms of your divorce, you may be eligible for mediation. Mediation keeps you and your family out of court, and enables you two to maintain control over items such as division of assets, child support and custody arrangements, and spousal support agreements. Mediation only works if both parties are willing to agree. If one spouse refuses to bend on a certain topic, you will need to move the negotiations into the protection of the court. A divorce and family lawyer can help facilitate a smooth mediation.

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Our Goal is to Help You Work It Out

It is in your best interest as a family to be able to interact with mutual respect. This shelters the children from as much tension as possible, and establishes the tone for the rest of your divorce. We work with you toward your goal of mediation by outlining the best agreements to make for maximum equitability in your asset division. Sometimes, an effective mediation may require compromise. We help you decide where to make those allowances for the overall result.

When you partner with our family law team, you receive the additional benefit of:

  • More than 20 years of service
  • Highly individualized service
  • Personable and compassionate counsel
  • Knowledgeable familiarity with family law, as we exclusively practice this branch
  • Results driven firm aiming toward the best possible resolution
  • A legal counselor who wishes to help you through an intensely difficult time

Even when all parties are willing to cooperate, the emotional stress caused by a divorce can be taxing. Let us help you through by providing you with invaluable advice and informative legal counsel.

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