Enforcement of Court Orders

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After a court issue has been ordered or divorce has been finalized, the judge will usually order one or the other spouse to provide some form of support. This may be spousal support or child support, or there may be an order or judgment that the judge has issued and is enforceable.

If one or the other spouse is failing to honor the agreements, then the courts have the right to force that person to comply. The process begins when one person petitions a Contempt for Complaint to the court.

What Is Contempt in MA?

Massachusetts State provides that if one parent or spouse is not complying with a court order, the other person can file a Complaint for Contempt. The courts will review the complaint and the facts to determine whether or not that person is in contempt.

Saponaro Barach Bingham LLP has helped clients in matters that include:

All of the terms of your divorce are bound by law. This means that all parties must comply with the terms. Naturally, it is expected that our circumstances or lifestyle may change. You may wish to modify those terms to accommodate those changes. However, every party is still obligated to comply. For example, if you anticipate receiving child support payments it does not arrive as scheduled—you have the right to take action.

The courts can enforce orders in the following ways:

  • Garnishing wages
  • Deducting from a tax refund
  • Order to pay past due payments
  • Incarceration

Our Wellesley divorce attorneys can help you through any ordeal involving enforcement of court orders. We can prepare all of the necessary documents to bring to the court. It is vital that you know what your rights are.

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