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The Laws Regarding Stepparent Adoption

Are you looking to adopt your spouse’s children and assume the role as the legal parent? While this process is not nearly as difficult as many other types of adoption, however, it can be a much shorter process, as stepparents are more familiar with the children.

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Releasing the Birth Parent’s Responsibility

Do birth parents have to provide their consent to the adoption? For the most part, the birth parent must legally declare his or her parental rights void and relinquish those rights. Unless, of course, the birth parent’s rights have already been terminated due to matters such as neglect, abuse, abandonment, or consistent refusal to provide child support payments.

However, there may be some cases where the birth parent may not wish to give up their rights.

These are some of the scenarios where this occurs:

  • There is lack of evidence that the birth parent abandoned the child
  • Demonstrate to the courts that the birth parent is unfit to be in the parenting role
  • Establish paternity to show that the birth father is not the child’s father

Our Wellesley family lawyers can assist you with your adoption case from beginning to end. This includes the legal paperwork, documentation, and keeping you informed of your various rights. Stepparent adoption is a very important legal process and is a matter that requires an attorney’s full and devoted attention.

Helping Keep Your Family Together

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